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It is called OutGROWOutPLAY because kids ALWAYS out grow or out play their stuff – often before the new has even worn off!  OutGROWOutPLAY co-founders Richard and Casandra Robinson have been married for over 20 years and have two children, Chase (22) and Dylan (14). The Robinson's became frustrated with the limited options available to parents who want to de-clutter, recycle and sell their like-new children’s items for cash.

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Consignment stores offered very little for sellers and higher prices (because of overhead) for buyers. Only being able to consign 20 items at a time was not practical.  The standard commission of 40-50% for brand-name children’s items was far too low.

Online auctions or marketplaces can be a nightmare and very expensive with subscription fees, insertion fees, shipping fees, listing upgrades and final value fees “starting” at 8%!  Garage sales were a hassle and like most parents, the Robinson's ended up giving away most of the stuff their kids outgrew to family and friends.

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All they wanted was to buy everything their children needed at an affordable price and make a little cash by selling all the items their kids no longer used, wanted or had outgrown.  They knew first hand that there were very few options available for parents.  They believed that all parents needed a way to be able to quickly sell the items their kids rapidly outgrow and outplay for a fair price.  They took their passion for saving money and recycling to the next level and started to come up with solutions.

The idea of the OutGROWOutPLAY concept was born at Richard and Casandra’s kitchen table in February of 2008.  After months of consumer research, planning, developing a website and one-of-a-kind POS barcode system, OutGROWOutPLAY successfully launched in September 2008.  Through word-of-mouth and grass roots marketing, consignors, volunteers and shoppers flocked to the inaugural Fall & Winter children’s consignment sale event at the Ben Franklin Superdome!

The simple idea of bringing together parents who wanted to buy or sell like-new children’s items at a fair price has exploded!  Parents across the greater Ottawa area (and beyond) are embracing the trendsetting concept that they can easily recycle and quickly sell all the gently used items their children no longer wear, use or have outgrown.

Today the company’s mission is to provide an opportunity for families coast-to-coast to earn and save money reselling their gently-used children’s items within a constantly evolving shopping environment that is both fun and exciting.



Consignors Corner

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